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The Dancingdays collective transformed an empty old theater in the center of Plà del Penedès in a single performance, with the collaboration of Montse Nadal, a floral designer.

The piece included different sceneries, using Montse’s vegetal sculptures, and other plant materials were incorporated as elements in movement, attached to the body, and fixed objects in space. The public moved from one scene to another as the scene’s lights turned on and off, creating the atmosphere of a museum.

Sharing the same space with our audience was a great challenge for us, and throughout the creation process we dedicated time to understanding the possible movement of people in space as part of our artistic decisions.

Creation and performance: Dancingdays. Íngrid Domingo, Mia Esteve, Marta Alarcon, Mireia Sala, Einat Tal

Premiere: in May 2019, at the Agricultural and Social Center’s old theatre / Plà del Penedès.