A short piece, presented at the opening of the Glop d’Art festival, at the Can Vich pond in Mediona, on 11/11/22. This was the first time that dance was represented at the festival, and the last event of the aCOSta’t cycle.

The aCOSta’t cycle offered new perspectives on what dance and body expression means. For all audiences and for all ages. Each meeting brought another approach to the scenic space and to the question what a dance show means; unconventional spaces transformed by the action of movement and avant-garde proposals in our rural environment. As an audience, new points of view and new opportunities to get involved, to live the stage experience. In addition, the cycle offered workshops that brought participants closer to the experience of dance as a tool of expression.

On this occasion we used picture frames as a source of inspiration and as a basis for the creation of the movement of the piece. We covered some questions like; what marks the frame? Where does it divert our attention? What is left out? What is it that we choose to observe?

Performed by: Montse Morilla, Íngrid Domingo and Einat Tal (Cia.Girades)