The central space of the church of Sant Joan de Mediona is transformed into an exploration of the humble elements of the earth. Bodies in motion that alter a landscape created with grape seeds. An ode to our fields planted with vines, the passage of time and the cycles of nature and a reflection on how the way we move influences our environment.

Dance: Einat Tal, Montse Morilla and Íngrid Domingo. Girades collective
Soundscapes: Guillem Rodri

It is part of the cycle:
aCOSta’t 2023 – Arts in Motion
A new vision of dance
The aCOSta’t cycle wants to offer new perspectives on what dance and body expression means. For all audiences and for all ages. Each meeting brings new ways of approaching the scenic space and what a dance show means: unconventional spaces transformed by the action of movement and avant-garde proposals in our rural environment. As an audience, new points of view and new opportunities to get involved, to live the stage experience. In addition, the cycle offers workshops that bring participants closer to the experience of dance as a tool of expression.