Impressions is a site-specific piece where dance, action art and sound experimentation are the backbone of an investigation into how we can conceive of the connection with the earth, within the spaces of Cal Trepat.

The stage proposal starts from the instant composition unfolding in two independent actions that interrelate with each other. The movement is accompanied by soundscapes created from different elements deployed in the stage space, also participating in live improvisation.
The first action asks us about how the earth is a material that shapes and molds us and how we, human beings, shape mother earth. The second is an action tinged with the absurd and the contradictions between the most basic and material: the work with the dreamlike and poetic that creates an innovative aesthetic.

Performers: In Situ: Einat Tal, Íngrid Domingo, Zoe Balasch Arumí, Jordi Pallarés Barberà and Montse Morilla.

Presented as part of the Embarrat festival, Tarrega, on 5/27/23.