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The creation process

Elsewhere is a solo I composed to the sound of Folk Songs, by Luciano Berio. I used the melodies and rhythms of the different folk songs as an inspiration for my movement. For the solo, I manipulated a thick rope and a wood stick, which helped me connect between different parts of the piece. Once I finished creating the solo on the movement level, I stopped using the music and learned to perform the piece silently, hearing the songs only internally.

“Hearing movement” is an important theme that I investigated in this solo; a deep connection between movement and music brought me to experience them as one phenomenon; moving, observing movement, hearing or playing music, and manipulating others through touch. This curious synesthesia is a strong line in my artistic and pedagogic work.

Another theme was the movement of the spine in space in relation to the different directions of weight shifting. Here the rope helped me emphasize the changing lines and structures drawn on the ground while moving around on the autumn leaves of September.

I performed Elsewhere outdoors, in September 2019 as part of the 1st edition of LaSelvaDansa festival in Arbúcies.